This is where Jalin Alfar creates magic for large audiences. In his hands space and time melt into an atmosphere that gets under your skin. Open your mind to his exquisite taste in strong, visually-driven and bizarre wonders! He performs gallantly and daringly, and elegantly or deliberately clumsily as he manipulates not only the audience but also coins, balls and silk scarves, and bewitches newspapers, tearing them into pieces only to restore them again. Objects appear, change shape, develop a life of their own or vanish into thin air. Steel softens in his hands and a spectator becomes an open book when Jalin Alfar reads in his mind. Time itself gets turned inside out when the spectator selects a card that has been removed from the deck long before. Logical thinking is finally forced to give up when a giant knife penetrates a spectator's jacket and the souls of two assistants switch bodies.

Does this sound crazy? It should do – that’s exactly what it is.