Jalin Alfar's "real" name is Svend Stein-Angel. Born in Hamburg in 1971, he experienced from a young age a strong wish to "step beyond" the conventional limits of reality. 3 magic sets and his grandfather's friend, who was a magician in his spare time, were enough of an introduction to put little Svend on the track to being a magician. At the age of 16 he passed the entry test to the Magic Circle of Germany. From that point on there was no way back: Jalin Alfar the magician was born! From his first shows for his family, he quickly worked his way up to public performances and galas in front of an audience of 1,500. Deeply absorbed by magic, he was even prepared at one stage to run away with a circus magician! Instead he started playing theatres, and gained experience that enriched his magic forever. After finishing high school he became a professional visual illusionist. He studied Fine Arts & Photography before turning to film direction. Since then he has worked as a film director for the film & TV industry as well as for the international advertising sector. He has lived in Los Angeles and South America, where he is also member of the Chilean Magic Fraternity.

Besides his work as a "visual illusionist" he still appears on stage as Jalin Alfar, the magician. Both areas - film and magic - are closely connected, as modern cinema has evolved from the light and shadow games of the jugglers of old. Jalin Alfar's shows are all the more stunning and incredible as a result: whether by means of elegant and artful magic or through fresh and funny comedy, he is always looking for the unusual and the visually impressive in order to turn the world upside down. In light of his experience in the advertising industry, the natural step was for him to devise the concept of "magic marketing"- magic as a specific communication tool for visualising a company's marketing goals.

Jalin Alfar performs in German, English, French and Spanish.